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    Chrononutrition is a program designed by Dr. Ana Gifing, an expert in the anti-aging medicine area, medicine which deals with slowing down the process of aging. More than 30 000 patients have passed through the Dr. Gifing chrononutrion program.
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Nutrition counselling


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Obesity counselling


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Anti Aging medicine



Patient stories 

" Much respect to doctor Ana Gifing and her team!I felt the need to thank from the heart on the professional and dedicated work, both you and your entire team. Honestly, I came to you because of excess weight... However I got a lot more. In the first place I noticed that my immune system has improved, and then that my health got fully stabilized. Of course, for the three months of implementation of your program I lost 10 kilograms without being hungry. I happily talk about your diet program to everybody. I wish you much success in your work."



Food intolerance test

Intolerance towards specific food components can be resulted in many health issues. This is a result of stress which the organism is exposed by eating certain types of food to which the body is oversensitive.

If we eat for a long time a type of food that is not good for our metabolism, and also for all our cells, the loss of daily motivation and work energy appears along with tiredness, migraine, pain in muscles and joints, digestion and skin problems, dizziness, asthma, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia etc..


Chrononutrition Dr Gifing

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